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With your business growth, you might run out of storage space. Flash! Logistics is your best solution! We offer warehouse and storage services in Singapore and provide last mile delivery efficiently.

We can help you if you are looking for a warehouse to store your goods. We offer these services at affordable prices. We ensure that no goods will be damaged and will be delivered to customers in time. We offer warehouse distribution services to manufacturers, retailers, and third party distributors.

If you are not sure about the situation of your business in next few months, renting may be a better option than buying. We offer warehouses for rent, too. We can also help you in deciding which option will be better either buying or renting as per your needs and specifications.

Apart from providing the speediest logistics services in the country, Flash Logistics is also well known for providing spaces for warehouse rental in Singapore. As your business and customer base grows, your need for the space to store your inventory grows too. Since it might not be possible for you to buy a warehouse space, we lease warehouse space to businesses of all sizes and kinds. So, whether you are a retailer, manufacturer, or third-party distributor, our Flash Logistics warehouse is accessible to everyone.

One of the primary reasons for us becoming a warehouse company in Singapore is to provide warehouse space for business at an affordable rate. Our warehouses are spacious enough for businesses to store their inventory as long as they want it and secured with the latest technology. Our warehousing technology will allow you to stay on top of customer demand to improve inventory efficiency and accelerate your response time by a considerable amount.

Our warehousing experts design efficient solutions to keep track of all the customer demands and changing expectations. To move past the challenges of Singaporean customers’ rising requirements, we have an intricate, in-house technology that facilitates any distribution solution. In addition, we have warehouse experts in our team who ensures flexible warehousing operations and distribution solutions tailored to your business needs. Here is why our warehousing solutions are need of the hour in Singapore’s current logistics scenario:

  • Inbound: Once we receive all your inbound products for storage, we put them away safely to be readily available when a customer orders them. We take extreme safety precautions in keeping all the inbound products safe and secure in our warehouse by leveraging the latest technological innovations.
  • Warehousing: We are skilled in staying on top of our inventory management with the help latest technological advancements in the forms of applications for inventory control. We keep track of every inbound and outbound shipment and provide a climate and temperature-controlled environment to preserve sensitive products safely without damaging them.
  • Outbound: When an order comes in, we promptly start readying the product for dispatch. Whether you are looking for multi-channel fulfilment or outbound transportation management, we have it all. Once an order is placed and we have the information, we try to ready the order in as little as 24 hours.
  • Returns: If for whatever reason, a customer is not happy with the products they receive, they place a request for return, so we handle return processes too. We have a complex return system in place, from initiating the return process to detailed screening and returning the stock to the vendor.

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