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Regardless of the volume of items or delivery time, the logistics are customizable to fit your request at a competitive price even for one-off deliveries. Flash! Logistics Pte Ltd provides an efficient and low-cost solution to lower your operational cost and help expand your business.

By engaging with a dependable last mile delivery company in Singapore like Flash! Logistics Pte Ltd, retailers can provide and guarantee reliable parcel delivery services to their customers and adapt to the constantly changing omni-channel retail environment.

Should you have any questions about Flash! Logistics Pte Ltd services, feel free to get in touch with us! Not only do we provide reliable last-mile delivery in Singapore, but we also ensure that the parcels are delivered to the right client and on time.

With our last-mile delivery Singapore services, we are changing how logistics companies work in and around the country. Our last-mile team ensures that the packages reach customers even before the delivery date, and your brand has a tangible impact on customers’ experience and fast delivery. We are a prominent Singapore last-mile delivery service providing 360-degree service to businesses to help them deliver their products to the big cities and small towns across Singapore.

Our technological innovations help our Last-mile team scale their services and provide tailored solutions to businesses growing each month exponentially. As a leading delivery company in Singapore, we employ a wide variety of technology and a breadth of solutions to tackle delivery-related issues. These solutions also help us plan algorithms and create research based-route to create a successful doorstep-delivery solution.

We can also amp up whenever the need arises during the peak season to ensure that no package is left behind and every one of your customers receives their packages on time. In addition, we encourage small businesses and compete with large companies by offering delivery or pick-up services. Our last-mile solutions are built to provide ensured speed and for our clients to have end-to-end delivery visibility.

We take all the necessary steps to ensure increased efficiency in last-mile delivery while cutting down the cost of delivery at the same time. We implement modern-day solutions so that all the delivery reaches the correct address and provide reliable service. Here is what makes our last-mile delivery services stand out among other companies:

  • Enhanced shipment visibility: We use advanced last-mile delivery software that we share with businesses which allows them to keep real-time updates of where their shipments are. The software also allows us to keep track of our vehicles and better control our fleet. We can also keep track of and minimise any theft of products.
  • Optimised delivery route: Having advanced last-mile software also allows us to optimise delivery routes in real-time and avoid unnecessary delays while delivering the products to the customers. Furthermore, with the optimisation of delivery routes, our drivers can also increase the number of deliveries every day.
  • Transparency: We believe in providing complete transparency of our last-mile delivery services. So, with our software, businesses can track when customers placed an order, when we dispatched it and how long until it reaches its destination. It helps us better communicate with the clients, and their customers can track the packages as they move.




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