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As a leading shipping company in Singapore, our primary goal is to provide top-notch services to our clients. We understand the need for an unparalleled logistics company to help small and medium-sized businesses ship their products to their customers worry-free. Some of our top services include:

  • Warehousing: As a Singapore transport company, Flash Logistics not only handles shipping and distributing your products, we provide warehousing services too. We understand that for small and medium-sized businesses owning their private warehouse is not as easy as it sounds. So, we offer warehousing leases for small and medium-sized companies, as it is a cost-effective solution for companies around Singapore.
  • Last-mile delivery: when you choose to work with us and pick us as your primary shipping company in Singapore, you get various service benefits, one of which is last-mile delivery. With our last-mile delivery services, you as a business owner can remain confident that once you register your package with us, we will deliver at the doorstep of your customer. We aim to deliver the packages to your customers’ doorstep at the soonest, all while minimising the cost.
  • Fulfilment: We also provide fulfillment services to businesses so that they do not have to worry about storing inventory, especially small-sized businesses. With the fulfilment services, we handle transporting customers orders, keeping stock, packing orders and delivering them to destination in time.
  • Well packed and protected: Whether you are shipping a fragile item or a valuable product, we make sure to pack and protect the products from any kind of damages. We use high-quality packing materials to ensure the safe delivery of the product.
  • Timely delivery: We are working 24/7 to ensure timely delivery of the packages to the desired destination. From the moment we receive the order update, we start working on it from packing and getting it ready for shipment.
  • Parcels of all sizes: Whether it is a heavy product or a letter-sized item, we deliver and ship parcels of all sizes. Depending on the product, we pack and ready the package to ship to its receiver.
  • Tracked: All the parcels we ship are trackable by both the sender and the receiver. We give our clients unique tracking IDs so that they can share with the receiver and stay up to date with where the packaged has reached at the end of every day. This way, both parties can be sure that the packages have not got lost while on their way.

These are some of the top services we provide to our clients nationwide so that they can enjoy top-notch logistic services.


Local physical warehouses


Leasing warehouse space is typically more cost-effective than buying for small to mid-sized retailers, though pricing depends on the lease terms available. It’s also worth noting that many logistics warehouse tenants can expect to see a rate hike starting in 2021, due to a high demand for warehouse expansion and construction.


Right to your doorstep

Last Mile Delivery

The last mile delivery process is the movement of goods from a transportation hub or warehouse to their final delivery destination. In most cases, that final destination is the customer’s doorstep. Our last mile delivery aims to deliver items to the customer as quickly as possible while minimising company costs.


From warehouse to last mile delivery


Unless you’re a brick-and-mortar retailer, managing a physical space may not be ideal. It’s no surprise that many ecommerce businesses want to avoid the hassle of storing inventory or dealing with ecommerce warehousing. Let us be your logistics fulfilment center.

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Last Mile Delivery



Well Packed and Protected

Punctual and Timely

Parcels of All Sizes


First & Final/Last Mile


First/final mile plays a huge role in e-commerce and the distribution of goods in general.

Here is where Flash Logistics stands out. We cover you from first to final mile delivery.

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