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Singapore Based Logistic Company


All Around Singapore


We move big or small, flat or thick parcels, everywhere in Singapore on time.


24h a day

Courier delivery

We provide last mile services, ensuring safe and punctual delivery.


New service

B2B Exchange

All our transport vehicles are available for parcels of all volumes and sizes! We work with major B2B customers like Shopee, Lazada, Ninja, DHL and more!


7 days a week


7 days a week, 24 hours a day, we keep the parcels moving till your doorstep.



24 hours support

We provide 24 hours support to your parcel enquiries. Feel free to reach us on WhatsApp or email to us via the Contact Us page.


All Around Singapore

We deliver island-wide for parcels of any sizes, volume and weight. Trust our team is ensuring punctual and safe delivery of your items.


Direct client contact

We liaise with you and the client directly because we are the actual logistics company doing the transport. No other 3rd parties and long chain of communications. We cover all.

Client Satisfaction is Our Satisfaction

Clients and Testimonials

Ernest and team went the extra mile to ensure our delivery is safe and on time. There were bulky items but the team had delivered and packed well.


John Smith


I like to thank Flash Logistics for being such a supportive company in handling our logistics requirements from head to tail. Their quote was competitive and services unparalleled.


Patrick Head

ReConstruction LLC

It was a pleasure working with Flash Logistics since we made a switch 2 years ago; we are glad we made the right decision to work the the team at Flash Logistics and it has been worry free and hassle free for us since then. Kudos to the team!


Jane Barnes

TLC General Manager


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Providing more innovative logistics solutions to brands and small businesses

We are a logistic company in Singapore transforming the way you do business by engineering faster and more intelligent solutions. As one of the leading Singapore logistic company, we take care of transporting your packages from your business to your customers and bringing you the next game-changing opportunities. We provide end-to-end logistics solutions by maintaining a nationwide network of distribution and warehouses to ensure that your customers can depend on you.

As one of the premier logistic services inSingapore, we provide customised and tailored services to all our clients. Our goal is to create a dedicated communication channel between the businesses and clients by providing regular updates, personalised solutions for unique problems, and solving logistics and supply-related problems in little to no time.

What makes us the best logistics company in Singapore?

While many logistics services Singapore promise to deliver world-class services, only a few manage to do so. We work tirelessly to deliver on all the promises we make and thus seamlessly handle the cataloguing and shipping of all of your customers’ goods, come what may. Here are a few reasons that make us stand out among hundreds of other small and big shipping and logistics company in Singapore:

The dedicated team of experts: From packaging managers to transportation supervisors, our team is filled with experts of each category to ensure that the parcels keep moving towards their destination without any issue.

24/7 customer support: We understand how important it is for you to send the package from one place to another without delay. So we have set up a 24/7 customer support system to inquire about your parcel or raise a complaint with any of our services that you are not happy with. You can contact our Flash Logistics customer service representative via WhatsApp or on our website.

B2B exchange: To give your business an edge, recently, we have added B2B exchange services to our Flash Logistics operations, where we directly ship your products from other major B2B customers spread worldwide.

Nationwide distribution: We cater to our clients all around Singapore, which allows us to help businesses deliver their products to their customers nationwide. No matter how big or small, falt or thick your package is, Flash Logistics will help you deliver it to the destination, safe and hassle-free. To ensure that your business does not suffer any loss, we work 24/7 to keep your parcels moving towards their destination.

Reliable transportation: We have a dedicated fleet of vehicles to ensure that your customers receive their packages on time. Instead of putting our trust in third-party transportation services, we manage our fleet of different modes of transportation for faster shipment. As a result, we help our clients get the best out of their businesses by constantly keeping their goods moving.

We use the latest technological innovations in our logistics service to ensure speed, accuracy and are designed to scale growing businesses to achieve their business goals faster. We provide our services across Singapore with proper planning and critical tactics that keep your business moving forward and your packages reach your customers even before the deadline.

Check all of our services

Our vehicle fleet


Fully Covered Trucks

Ideal for office and house moving, our fully covered trucks are capable of protecting your furniture and equipment from all weather and during the transportation.


Delivery vans

Nimble and fast moving delivery vans are capable of sending our your parcels quickly and timely; excellent for last mile delivery and collection as well.


Multi purpose trucks

Our multi purpose trucks can be used for almost every types of transportation requirement all around Singapore. Equipped with levers and the right tools, your cargo is with the right team.

Peace of Mind


Peace of mind is what Flash Logistics assures all our customers in the logistics and transport business. We are here to move safely, punctually and cost effectively. Trust is earned.











Finished projects

We’re there for you anytime you need us. Contact us for a consultation, estimate or any question you might have about your project or our work.


Parcels Delivered

With more than a million parcels delivered and more to come, Flash Logistics ensures all your parcels are moved on time, at the right place.


Satisfied clients

Your satisfaction is our satisfaction. We have high standards and we ensure you job is well taken care of.


Safe & Punctual Days

24/7 and this is the number of days we have been delivering safely and punctually.

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